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Webuz offers Part Time Business Opportunity to Housewives to start thier Own Coaching Classes by Becoming a Franchisee of Very Important Spoken English Course with Investment of Just Rs 1999 only

Earn More Than Rs 15000 PM to Rs 50000 PM from your Home or by Opening a Commercial centre

Get your Own Course Website along with Complete Course including more than 800 Audio Lessons

Home Business

Opportunity as Part Time Franchisee of 

Webuz Online Spoken English Course


Webuz offers a unique and simple Part Time Income Opportunity to all those Housewives or Students who want to start their Tution or Teaching Business

Almost Every Family in your known circle will be having either School Going Children or Grown up Students who might be looking for Good Jobs

Parents of School going children may be spending lot of Money on various sports or hobby classes which just go Fruitless in the career of thier children. But this Spoken English Course can help them a lot in ther future career.

Similarly College Students should prepare themselves in advance for Job Interviews and this course can make them full of confidence in attending Good job interviews.

You can Charge Monthly Fees of Rs 1500 or More for the 6 Month Course and after a Demo Class any student can join your Classes.